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Bene­fit from my ser­vices: reli­able tech­ni­cal con­tract translations

  • SLA / Ser­vice level agreements

  • OLA

  • Licen­se agreements

  • Soft­ware licen­se agreements

  • War­ran­ties

  • Non-dis­clo­sure agreements

  • Soft­ware main­ten­an­ce and sup­port agreements

  • Con­tracts for soft­ware deve­lo­p­ment and customisation

Bene­fit from my services


Con­ti­nuous fur­ther trai­ning ensu­res pro­fi­ci­en­cy in the are­as of law and the juris­dic­tions covered


Have you got an extre­me­ly urgent con­tract? Do you requi­re spe­ci­fic wor­d­ing, a par­ti­cu­lar tech­ni­que or extra secu­ri­ty? Then con­ta­ct me – the right solu­ti­on can be found to meet all your requirements.